Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MUFE Flash Palette

Hey my beauties!

I know I've been going days without posting but schoolwork is starting to pile up because it is my last year, so more projects, more test, more homework, just more everything.  So I decided I'm probably going to commit to doing at least 2 posts a week until July because that way I'll still be getting my work done, but also still posting even if it is 2 posts a week.

But enough with my rambling, today I went on the Sephora website just looking around when I noticed the MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Flash color case palette went up from the price $95 to $99 (a $216 value).  I know that's only a $4 increase but I was kind of shocked they would increase the price after being out for a while now.

But any who, when I saw the palette online I also realized that I've been neglecting mine!  And for $95 I should be getting some type of use out of it, right?  Well I took out my flash palette and was so taking back by all the gorgeous colors.  The texture of the products itself are extremely creamy, and very thin and light weight; the pigmentation is great too.  I'm not sure if I like the packaging so much.  It's an acrylic clear case, and the reason I don't like it is because one if you drop it, it could possibly break. Second, there's no real way to seal it shut to make sure the top doesn't come off when putting into your makeup bag or train case.

Other than the packaging the palette itself is great! So many looks can be created with just this palette; I mean you have your eye color, your cheek color, and your lip color all in one!  This the true definition of a multipurpose product!

MUFE Flash Color Case

The colors I would recommend for cheeks are coral, red, and fuchsia.

L-R: Coral, Red, Fuchsia

Colors for lips would be red, coral, fuchsia, yellow, and black.  I wouldn't recommend you wear yellow and black alone, but you can mix them with a lipstick to create a new lip color.  Use the yellow to brighten up your lip color, and the black for darken your lip color.

L-R: Coral, Red, Fuchsia, Yellow, & Black

For the eye you could use any color except for coral, fuchsia, or red.  You could use it either alone or as a base for your eyeshadow.

L-R: Gold, Silver, White, Turquoise, Bright Blue, Yellow, GreenBrown, Black

The products MUFE recommends you not use on your lips is Silver, White, and Bright Blue.  And for the eye area they recommend you not us Coral, Fuchsia, or red.  I would definitely say you should follow these "rules" and not use these colors where they say not to, because I know people could lose their eyesight, or have an extremely bad reaction on your lips, so definitely don't use the colors where they shouldn't be used!

My most important tip for this palette is LESS IS KEY!  A little really does go a long way with this palette; so be sure you use a light hand when using this palette!

Do you own the MUFE 12 Flash Color Case? 
If so do you love it or can you live without it?
Do you plan on taking the plunge and splurging on this palette?

Kai <3

 **Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money.  All opinions stated at Kai's Runway are my own and 100% honest.**


  1. All of these colors are gorgeous and so pigmented.

    1. I know! I'm falling in love with this palette!

  2. Such a great palette will be putting this on my wish list!
    thanks for stopping by my blog now following!