Saturday, May 26, 2012

Giveaway/Contest News!

Hey my beauties!

  So lately I've been thinking about doing a contest!  I'm not sure about what I want you guys to do but I wanted you guys to give me some ideas.  I think I might go with something that has to do with red lips or maybe your go to summer look.  But if you have any ideas/suggestions please email me at  I have a couple of ideas for the prize but I know it's definitely going to great! 

  I was also thinking on doing a giveaway which would be very simple.  The stuff I'm giving away is going to be stuff that I have doubles of or stuff I'm probably not going to use.  All items are definitely new never used stuff, so you don't have to worry about if I was swatching it or anything like that.  Most of the stuff I'll probably be giving away is stuff that's still sealed.

   I'm so excited! I can't wait to have this giveaway and a contest! I just really want to show how appreciative I am of you guys, and want to thank you guys for sticking it out with my hectic schedule, and lack of posts.  So I definitely want give you guys something back for being so great! 

Kai <3

**Please email if you have any ideas for the contest! Thanks so much!**

P.s. The week is almost over but go blog hop!  Go over to BlogLoveTherapy and join the hop!


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

MUFE Flash Palette

Hey my beauties!

I know I've been going days without posting but schoolwork is starting to pile up because it is my last year, so more projects, more test, more homework, just more everything.  So I decided I'm probably going to commit to doing at least 2 posts a week until July because that way I'll still be getting my work done, but also still posting even if it is 2 posts a week.

But enough with my rambling, today I went on the Sephora website just looking around when I noticed the MUFE (Make Up For Ever) Flash color case palette went up from the price $95 to $99 (a $216 value).  I know that's only a $4 increase but I was kind of shocked they would increase the price after being out for a while now.

But any who, when I saw the palette online I also realized that I've been neglecting mine!  And for $95 I should be getting some type of use out of it, right?  Well I took out my flash palette and was so taking back by all the gorgeous colors.  The texture of the products itself are extremely creamy, and very thin and light weight; the pigmentation is great too.  I'm not sure if I like the packaging so much.  It's an acrylic clear case, and the reason I don't like it is because one if you drop it, it could possibly break. Second, there's no real way to seal it shut to make sure the top doesn't come off when putting into your makeup bag or train case.

Other than the packaging the palette itself is great! So many looks can be created with just this palette; I mean you have your eye color, your cheek color, and your lip color all in one!  This the true definition of a multipurpose product!

MUFE Flash Color Case

The colors I would recommend for cheeks are coral, red, and fuchsia.

L-R: Coral, Red, Fuchsia

Colors for lips would be red, coral, fuchsia, yellow, and black.  I wouldn't recommend you wear yellow and black alone, but you can mix them with a lipstick to create a new lip color.  Use the yellow to brighten up your lip color, and the black for darken your lip color.

L-R: Coral, Red, Fuchsia, Yellow, & Black

For the eye you could use any color except for coral, fuchsia, or red.  You could use it either alone or as a base for your eyeshadow.

L-R: Gold, Silver, White, Turquoise, Bright Blue, Yellow, GreenBrown, Black

The products MUFE recommends you not use on your lips is Silver, White, and Bright Blue.  And for the eye area they recommend you not us Coral, Fuchsia, or red.  I would definitely say you should follow these "rules" and not use these colors where they say not to, because I know people could lose their eyesight, or have an extremely bad reaction on your lips, so definitely don't use the colors where they shouldn't be used!

My most important tip for this palette is LESS IS KEY!  A little really does go a long way with this palette; so be sure you use a light hand when using this palette!

Do you own the MUFE 12 Flash Color Case? 
If so do you love it or can you live without it?
Do you plan on taking the plunge and splurging on this palette?

Kai <3

 **Disclaimer: This product was purchased with my own money.  All opinions stated at Kai's Runway are my own and 100% honest.**

Monday, May 14, 2012

Target Beauty sample bag/ Review

Hey my beauties!

So every year Target sends out a yearly sample bag and this year was no different. This is definitely a great way to try out different products; this year they included a UK company that is now available to the US & Canada!  I'm going to include a very small review for each products as well.  Now here's what was inside...

All the samples and the coupon book
Coupon book

The bag also included a coupon book with not only coupons for the products included in the bag but also more beauty products!

Nivea extended moisture daily lotion (1 1 fl. oz.)

The first product inside was the Nivea extended moisture daily lotion (1 fl. oz.).  I've never tried anything Nivea, but I've always wanted to but some how never got the chance too. The lotion itself is like a milky color, and is very thin, and smooth.  The smell is a very strong floral scent.  I works really well, and it really does moisturizes and makes your skin smooth. Definitely going to pick up the full size bottle.  A-

Pantene Conditioner (1.7 fl. oz.)

This product is definitely no stranger to me, and my hair.  I love Pantene it works really good for my hair.  If you have colored hair as I do, this is the conditioner for you.  This conditioner works great for damage ends too.  The product itself is also like a milky color, and is very thin.  The best way to get the best use is to work the product into your hair focusing on the ends, comb your hair with your fingers and leave in for about 5 minutes, then rinse.  A

Neautrogena Visibly Bright daily facial wash (.5 fl. oz.)

I love face washes so when I say the Neautrogena Visibly Bright daily facial wash (.5 fl. oz.) I was super excited! Like Nivea, I've always heard about Neutrogena, wanted to try it, but never got the chance too.  I have mix feelings about this facial wash.  It does make your skin smooth after a couple of washes, but what I don't like is the shimmer.  I don't like any shimmer in my face washes, but if your looking for a wash that will make your skin smooth, and give a glowing look then this is the facial wash to go with.  But this is definitely not for me.  For best use, shake bottle, and use as little as you can.  If you use to much it will give you too much of a glow. B-

L'Oreal Paris Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer (sample card)

When I saw this sample card I honestly didn't think I would like it, because I'm not really a L'Oreal fan.  The only product I use and love is the L'Oreal million lashes mascara.  For some reason I've always been turned off by their products (with the exception of the mascara).  I was on the verge of throwing away when I thought to myself how about just try it, if I don't like it I can throw it away and there's really no harm done because it was a free sample.  I'm so happy that I didn't throw it away, because I actually really like it a lot.  It definitely does brighten up your skin, with very minimal shimmer to it.  The one thing I hate about this product was the smell.  It smells like nail polish remover, which I absolutely can't stand.  Overall this is not a bad product definitely does what it says it's going to do, but the smell really does take away from the greatness of the product.  For the best use, if using all over face blend evenly on face; or if you don't want to use all over the face then you can use under the eyes or over cheek as a highlighter. B-

Simple cleansing facial wipes (7 wipes)
Simple is no stranger to the UK, as it is the UK's #1 skincare company, that is now available to the US and Canada!  The simple wipes has a soft towel that wipes off your eye, and face makeup, and even your waterproof makeup.  There really isn't a distinct smell, which a good thing.  The wipes itself takes off your makeup fairly good.  I wish there was more product on the wipes.  For best use, if wearing a full face of makeup you should add a little bit of water and deeply message the wipes on your face using every open spot on the wipe.  If you have on less makeup you can cut the wipe in half add some water and message on your skin, and safe the other wipe for another day of less makeup. A- 

London SOHO New York makeup bag

The one thing that I love most about the sample bag, it the actual bag itself.  I am such a makeup bag junkie, that when I seen this bag I fell in love! This bag is small but it does hold a lot of stuff.  The one thing that I really didn't think I would like so much is the color combination. I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever love a bag that was pink and orange!  I never thought of this color combination, but now that I've seen it, I absolutely loveee it! A+

Did you receive the Target Beauty sample bag?
Which products do you love the most/least?

Kai <3

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Late Night Makeup session?

Late last night around 1:10am for some reason I felt the need to put makeup on.  I know it sounds weird, and I should of been a sleep, but I just felt this urge to put some makeup on.  So I jumped out of my bed and grabbed my Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV and went for it.  I had no set look I was trying to achieve, but the colors that stood out to me were Sin, Lost, Baked, Zephyr and Midnight Cowgirl.  So looking at these colors, I immediately thought of a more bold bright neutral eye look.  So here is what I came up with

Definitely not my best but it's not extremely bad.  I wanted to do my full face (eyes, cheek, lips) so I did a light blush, and a very natural looking lip.

Products used:

UD Baked (All over lid)
UD Lost (Outer corner/crease)
UD Sin (inner corner)
UD Midnight Cowgirl (Inner corner/ tear ducts)
UD Zephyr (highlight)
Milani Mineral Powder blush in #202 Sunset Beach
UD Baked (waterline)
L'oreal Million lashes Mascara

Boots No7 in Power (center of lip)
Boots No7 in Glamour (All over lip)

For some reason I feel there are going to be more random late night makeup sessions for me.

Have you ever had an urge to 
just go and put makeup on ?

Kai <3

Monday, May 7, 2012

April Favorites!

   I'm back! It feels so good to be back in the swing of things now! What better way to come back than to share my April favorites!  So April was filled with a lot of high school assignments, projects, working overtime, and moving into a new house, all the while trying to shop, create post for you guys.  Hectic I know!  But enough of my rambling here are my April Favorites!

NYC nail polish French White Tip (#134)- I love white nails! Especially for the spring/summer its so sexy! NYC nail polishes are great; they're thick so it takes less coats.
Kai's Runway
French White tip #134

Sinful Colors nail polish Ruby Ruby (#369)-  I have a love/hate relationship with sinful colors nail polishes.  Some are really good, and some are just horrible.  But this one is thick so you can definitely get away with using just one coat, and this color is so true to its name!
Kai's Runway
Ruby Ruby #369

Bath & Body works Winter Cranberry anti-bacterial hand gel- I'm in love with the bath & body works pocket bac's! They're so easy to travel with, they work really well, and they have so many different scents!  This one I used the most because I was trying to use up products that I had doubles of.
Kai's Runway
Winter Cranberry Pocket Bac

Clean & Clear Morning Burst facial Scrub-  I wanted to find a facial scrub that worked really good, because I was tired of making my own.  So while I was at walmart I went to the travel section and saw these and decided I'll try them out because I have heard great things about Clean & Clear scrubs but never actually tried them out.  But I'm so happy I did! This really does a good job of exfoliating my skin, and it doesn't leave my face really tight.
Kai's Runway
Morning Burst Facial Scrub

Too faced retractable kabuki brush-  I'm in love with this brush! It's extremely soft, and it doesn't shed that much. It works really well with buffering your powders, but I would definitely recommend cleaning after you use it because for me it was hard to getting out my powder.  I think I had to was it 3 times to get out all the product.
Kai's Runway
Too Faced retractable Kabuki Brush

Mario Badescu Strawberry Face Scrub-  This is another face scrub that I found during my journey to find the perfect face scrub.  Full review is coming up so I'm not going to go into great detail.

Kai's Runway
Sample of Strawberry scrub
Kai's Runway
Sample of Strawberry Face scrub

 What were your April favorites?

Kai <3

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Updates, Updates, And More Updates!

Hey my beauties!

Sorry for not posting in almost 2 weeks! I've been dealing with a lot of personal things, as well as trying to pack all my stuff so I can move into my new house on time, and not be charged a ridiculous amount for a late fee!  But I want to let you guys know what's going on and tell you whats to come!

Up coming posts-
Top ten Favorite Face Products
April Favorites
11 things about me tag!
My trip to New York/Pennsylvania

So in the next 2 to 3 weeks I'll be posting a lot more, but since I'm such a slow packer I decided that I should focus more on packing.  I also have a ton of school projects and assignments due in the next couple of weeks!  Plus get ready for college in September, so I have a full plate on my hands and I want to get the things that are the most important done first so I can dedicate more time and effort into my posts.

I'm also thinking about doing a blog sale and a swap because I have a lot of makeup that I just don't need or use and I really want to get rid of those so I can make room for new stuff I'm going to buy in the summer.  So please keep a look out for my blog sale, everything's going to be really cheap, mostly all brand new, never used items!

**If interested in doing a swap please email me at**

Thanks for waiting!

Kai <3

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Custom Lip balm

Hey my beauties!

    I wanted to share with you guys an idea that me and my friend had.  I make my own lip balm, and I've been selling them to a couple of people that I know and they love them, and I was thinking if you guys would be interested in purchasing them?  I use a variety of different pigments, from mac pigments to pigments that I purchase from different indie companies.  I sell a 5 gram jar with regular pigment for $2.50, and a 5 gram jar with a mac pigment is $3.25.  

Here's a quick sample...
This is the lip balm using MAC's Fuchsia

This is another using MAC's Nebula

I also make my own nail polish, but I don't have any more bottles so once I get more I'll tell you guys more about that!

If your interested in purchasing the lip balm please email me with question!

Kaiyla <3

Monday, April 2, 2012

What's In My Makeup Bag

Hey my beauties!

Today is the start of another week long (4/2/2012-4/8/2012) blog hop event.  This week is different from the usual, It's a What's in Makeup Bag? blog hop event!  For how it works and rules please check it out here!

Now for what's in MY makeup bag!

1.       EOS Lip Balm
2.       L’oreal Million Lashes Mascara
3.       No7 Lipstick (Glamour)
4.       No7 Lipstick (Power)
5.       Urban decay Good Karma Brush
6.       Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail color (invisible)
7.       Soft Lips Vanilla

The bag I use is an old Victoria secret makeup bag.

**pictures from,,,,**

Kaiyla <3


Saturday, March 31, 2012

Giveaway Alert!

Hey beauties!

Quick post, Beast & Beauty  is having a great giveaway and the prizes are awesome! Please go check it out!
Check it out here!

Kaiyla <3

March Favorites 2012

Hey my runway beauties!

I can't believe March is already over!  Here's a quick post on what I used most in march!

Vanilla Soft lips-  I used this a lot because of the cold weather and my lips we getting so chapped!  I put this bad boy on and my lips feel so good.

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail color (#100 Invisible)- I used this a lot either alone or as a top coat! I love how it makes my nails look so shiny!

L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes-  This makes my lashes fuller, more curled, and black but not to black!  Love this mascara! 

Palmer's Hair Milk-  Smells just like coconuts.  This stuff makes my hair so soft, and it doesn't flake!  It's a lot like a lotion, and looks a lot like milk!  Although in some stores its sort of expensive ranging from $6-$10 I honestly think it's worth it!

Aveeno Clear Complexion Daily Cleansing Pads- This makes my skin look cleaner, smoother, and more refreshed.  There's two side a smooth side and a scrubbing side, which really helps to get all the dirt out.  There's a lot of product in the pads so I cut mines in half when I start to run low and it lasts an extra week or two.   

What are your March Favorites?

Kaiyla <3

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer Wishlist #1

Hey my beauties!

So I love reading wishlists from other bloggers so here's mine!  There's a ton of things I would love to have before the end of the summer, so I might have to chop it up and make multiple post.  Please bare with me, this post will probably be cluttered with pictures!

1. Naked 2 Palette, $50- I've been wanting this since it first came out! Every single time I get the chance to buy it, it's ALWAYS, and I repeat ALWAYS sold out!

Naked 2; 12 Taupe & Greige neutrals, double-ended Good Karma Shadow/Crease Brush, travel-size Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Naked

2. MAC Blush Palette, $118- So I've always wanted a MAC palette but I was never really into MAC that much to spend $118 for a customizable palette. I knew I probably wouldn't use it that much because I'm obsessed with Nars' blushes.  But recently I've been buying more mac products and absolutely love them! 

3. MAC Mineralize Blush, in Love Thing, $23.50- I've heard nothing but good things about Mac's mineralize blush! Love Thing is the only one that really stands out to me, which is a described as a "dirty burgundy with gold pearl," sounds and looks really pretty! 

MAC mineralize Blush, $23.50
Mineralize Blush in Love Thing

4.  MAC Prep + Prime, $15-$23- So I love trying new primers, and I've tried most of them that appealed the most to me, ex. Too Faced Shadow Insurance, Urban Decay Primer Potion, Smashbox Photofinish, and a couple of others.  Some like them, some don't.  I want to see if they're worth it.

MAC Prep + Prime Lash, $15
MAC Transparent Finishing Powder, $23
MAC Prep + Prime Eye, $17
MAC Prep + Prime Lip, $15

5. Bare Escentuals Blush & Blush Brush Bundle, $34- Bare Escentuals has amazing products, and I've been dying to try their blushes. I'm probably going to get the blush in Cheerful
BE blush brush, and blush in Cheerful 

  6. Bare Escentual Lipstick, $15-  Bare escentuals has so many lipstick colors that I couldn't decide, but I've heard mixed reviews on they're lipstick, some say the colors are too dark, and dries out, others say its moisturizing.
BE award winning Lipstick in Berry Glace

Have you tried any of these products?  Do you like them or could you live without them?
What's on your wishlist?

Kaiyla <3

**All photos are from,,**